Thank you for your support. Merry Christmas!

If you've been here before, you already know just how easy it is to find your tree at
Nutbrown’s Christmas Tree Farm


When you arrive, you'll be greeted by a Nutbrown or one of our friendly staff. We'll tell you about the trees and get a feel for what kind of tree you're looking for.
Some folks like to bring their own saw as part of their family tradition, but we've got plenty of saws here waiting for you.

Choose yours and you're off to find your tree!
Picture of saws & twine
Take all the time you need and find the tree that's perfect for your home.

Once you've found it, cut it down or ask someone on our staff to cut it for you.

Tip: Be sure to cut as low as possible to leave plenty of trunk to go into the stand.

Bring the tree back to your car (or ask a staff member to do it for you) and we'll secure the tree to your car/truck/SUV.

Pay for the tree using cash or check and you're off to decorate!

It's just that simple. See you on the farm!