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The history of
Nutbrown’s Christmas Tree Farm

Emanuel and Mary Nutbrown had long been farmers in Collier Township. They had raised chickens, cows, turkey, and other livestock. But in 1958 they had a different plan. They decided to raise and sell Christmas trees to help put their son Henry through college.

It was nearly 10 years later when they sold their first tree. Henry was then through with college, but a family tradition had begun.

When Henry bought land on McMichael Road in 1972, Christmas trees were soon in the ground and locals had two places to get a live tree for their family.

For 40 years the two farms provided hundreds of trees to families across Allegheny County and beyond.

In 2002, the original farm sold it's last tree as Mary and daughter Joyce chose to retire the farm.

Today, more than 60 years after the first of "Nutbrown's Christmas Trees" was planted, folks can still bring the family and cut their own tree at Nutbrown's Christmas Tree Farm.